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our factories

We partner with a small-scale workshop in Mexico. Our partners are chosen carefully to ensure they pay living wages and provide safe and stable working conditions. In our Mexico workshop, employees earn 5x the minimum wage, with is 57%-69% above the average family living wage for the region based on 2019 data from

our suppliers

Over 85% of our leather comes from the WYNY tannery. They have been using 100% vegetable tannins since 1978 and have gold auditing certificates for compliance and environmental standards. This certificate requires constant review of air emissions, a restricted chemicals list, use of solar energy, and a waste management system. They also have a state-of-the-art water treatment and recycling facility.

Our textiles are hand-woven by a social cooperative of weavers in Chiapas, Mexico, using traditional looms and methods. The slight variations and handmade quality are was make these textiles so special.

Our quality

We believe in buying fewer, better quality items that will age beautifully and preserve our environment. Our commitment is to produce product that is classic, comfortable, and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Our leather footbeds have an arch insert that molds to your natural foot shape with wear. Soft leather linings make all the difference and are breathable for all-day comfort.

Our leather outsoles and heels can be inexpensively repaired, and leather uppers can be restored at home or by your local shoe repair shop. Visit our leather care page to learn more.

our commitment

We are environmentally and socially conscious people. We are always striving to find ways to reduce waste in our supply chain through clean sourcing, mindful sampling, and small-scale production.

We use 100% post-consumer cardboard and ship using plastic-free packaging. We purchase carbon offsets for our shipping from Native Energy.

To enhance our commitment to transparency, we will be publishing an in-depth Sustainability Report in 2022.

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