Great shoes are like perfectly broken-in denim.  They only get better with wear.
Either/or Sandals 

The vegetable-tanned leather difference

- 100% biodegradable
- extremely durable with a natural feel
- breathable to maximize comfort and minimize odor
- develops character and a rich patina over time

How to break in your  EITHER/OR  sandals

 - leather lining is breathable and will stretch and mold to your foot during the first few wears
- the insole provides support that will custom fit to your arch over time
- the more broken in the better, in our opinion


 How to care for EITHER/OR  sandals

keep leather and feet dry
- store shoes out of extreme heat or humidity
- when leather looks dry, treat with a leather conditioning oil
- leather color will naturally darken over time
- leather outsoles and heels can be replaced at your local shoe repair

 How to clean your  EITHER/OR  sandals

to remove odor or moisture:
- place sandals in a bag of baking soda overnight
- wipe baking soda off with soft, dry cloth in the morning
to remove dirt and stains:
- brush off any dirt or dust with soft, dry cloth
- use a leather conditioner to clean
- leave to dry out of direct sunlight