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Happy New Year [Tacoma, 2023]

Happy New Year [Tacoma, 2023]

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Another year, inspired by you. :)

A big huge cozy "thank you" to everyone who wore our shoes and cheered us on this year!  

Another year has gone by for our tiny shoe business, and we are constantly inspired by the conversations and connections we have made with you all.  We love to hear from you -- in fact, have a text thread dedicated to celebrating every positive review and message. ;)


Our collection is literally inspired by you - your fashion, your creativity, and your feedback - so keep sending your ideas, constructive criticism, needs, wants and also that love.  

Happy New Year -- we love you!

What's in store for 2024? 

RESTOCKS // We promised ourselves we would take a little break over the holidays (!!) but we're already looking forward to getting back to it in the New Year!  We have a much anticipated *restock* of the Mary Jane in Black + a few new colors (hint hint: ).  We're also restocking the Oxford in Cognac, Black & Bone (very excited for this one!).


SUSTAINABILITY // We'll be making a few more steps towards meeting our goals for sustainability, including a new shipping technique that uses fewer boxes and a BIG step in our progress towards circularity. Stay tuned! 


WHOLESALE // Maybe you've already seen us in a store near you? We're growing our boutique presence and can now be found in select boutiques in LA, SF, Seattle, Austin, and Boulder. Have a favorite boutique that you think should know about us? Let us know! 

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